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We develop successful marketing strategies, create top quality content, and deliver amazing value for our clients.

Nviron were so impressed with the service they received, the emails we created for them, and the invaluable advice we offered during their first email campaign that they soon signed up to run 12 more campaigns with us.

And they’re planning even more!

The goal

The goal

Nviron promotes technological products, from some top IT brands, to UK schools.

In their latest marketing campaign, their goal was to gain brand exposure within the education sector.

And because they’d heard really great things about our strong relationships with schools and the marketing data we provide, we were the only marketing to schools partner they wanted to work with.   

The strategy

The strategy

To reach their goals, Nviron chose our Buzz Expert package which offers a winning combination of accurate marketing data and creative support.  

First, they chose a segmented data list, targeting secondary schools,
multi-academy trusts and further education establishments across the whole of the UK. They targeted their data further by choosing specific job roles including head teachers, business managers, heads of IT and IT managers.

Thanks to our hardworking data team we supplied 6,100 direct email addresses for teachers and decision makers in over 10,854 schools, all with a 99% accuracy guarantee. 


Secondly, our content and design team developed a series of engaging emails that adopted Nviron’s tone of voice and reflected their brand guidelines. To ensure schools and teachers really understood the benefits of the products, our team developed focussed email content and created an effective subject line for every campaign.

Plus, our campaign manager was there every step of the way. She guided them throughout the process, offered insights about how to effectively market to schools – including the best send times to ensure a responsive audience – and answered any questions they had.

"The team were incredible, always open to help and nothing was too much effort. I loved how efficient, slick and creative the work was. "

Hetty Roach

Hetty Roach


The results

The results

The ongoing marketing campaigns connected Nviron with over 10,000 schools and education providers across the UK. Many teachers and decision makers engaged with the emails and have expressed an interest in Nviron’s partners. 

The campaign reports we provided were incredibly useful to Nviron’s marketing and sales team. We highlighted engaged recipients, those who opened the email and clicked on any links, so Nviron can now follow up with all new leads

To help Nvrion get the very best out of the reports, we helped them to successfully interpret the data and use it to plan future campaigns. This open and honest approach has secured a strong, trusting relationship with Nviron and it’s why they continue to choose to partner with us. 

"Buzz Education are easy to work with and take care of everything.
They are quick to respond and create amazing campaigns that we love."

Hetty Roach

Hetty Roach


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