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Primary Science Advisory Service (PZAZ)

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An attention grabbing message to get a new business off to a flying start

It's always great to help get a new business off to an amazing start.
Especially when that business has no branding, no online presence and there's a global pandemic going on.

Nevertheless, that’s what we did for Mark at Primary Science Advisory Service (or PZAZ).

The goal

The goal

Primary Science Advisory Service (PZAZ) was a completely new service being launched in September.

It provides Primary Schools with a subscription service to a comprehensive science scheme where they can access lesson plans, training videos and much more. It upskills teachers at the same time as educating pupils.

However, with little online presence and no branding to speak of, Mark wanted to make the email as impactful as possible, so it stood out during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The strategy

The strategy

With no branding for us to work with, our Design Team and Campaign Strategist helped Mark create a letter styled email that was simple yet impactful.

We even designed an email signature to give it that professional touch.

Working with Mark throughout we developed a strong sense of trust and understanding of his business’ needs and where his future campaigns could go.


"They understood my message and what I wanted to get across."

Mark Inder

Mark Inder

Primary Science Advisory Service

The results

The results

With 20 schools signed up already and schools across an entire county looking to follow up with PZAZ, the results speak for themselves.

Considering PZAZ had little to no online presence with just Mark’s email as point of contact, the message Buzz Education helped him build shone through and grabbed the schools’ attention.


"Buzz Education provided invaluable advice. As former teachers they speak the language and understand what schools want to hear.

The results I got from this were fabulous - beyond what I expected, especially during the current climate. "

Mark Inder

Mark Inder

Primary Science Advisory Service

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