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St James’s House

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Our clients trust us to achieve outstanding campaign results for them time after time.

We’ve supported St James’s House with their email marketing to schools every year since 2014.

They knew we could use our expertise to boost their engagement rates, plus our accurate schools data to achieve 100% campaign deliverability.

The goal

The goal

St James’s House is a world-renowned publisher of high-quality books for all major industries. They regularly promote new and relevant editions to all UK schools.

Their aim was to raise awareness of publications for a number of their clients, including the History of Parliament Trust and the Institution of Civil Engineers.
As well as encouraging schools to access free digital versions of the books. 

The team at St James’s House needed an experienced marketing to schools agency to provide an extensive and accurate schools mailing list. They were also keen to use specialist marketing to schools knowledge to enhance their campaigns. 

As we’ve supported St James’s House with email marketing to schools for 7 years, they knew they could trust us to manage successful and wide-reaching campaigns for them. 

The strategy

The strategy

Our customer campaign strategist, Sophie, developed a bespoke campaign package which included a series of 4 email campaigns to all UK schools. 

The flexibility of our packages meant they could promote publications for separate clients across the 4 different emails. 

Our adaptable timescales meant St James’s House could schedule their campaigns for dates that suited them throughout the academic year. Our campaign manager advised how to boost engagement rates by scheduling the emails for certain days and times.

The team at St James’s House provided the email content which our campaigns team built in HTML on our email sending platform. We then completed a thorough quality check before broadcasting the emails. 

The mailing list

The mailing list

To get the widest reach, our data team supplied data for 29,004 schools, of all types, across the whole of the UK. 

We know sending emails directly to the decision makers’ inbox gets higher engagement rates so we also provided direct email addresses for head teachers.

Head teachers are key decision makers and influencers in schools so they were the ideal targets to circulate the message to relevant staff members around the school.

The results

The results

Our data team constantly check and refresh our schools data which means all 4 of the email campaigns achieved a 100% deliverability rate. 

The first campaign achieved an outstanding 90.74% open rate. That means 26,283 teachers and decision makers read the email. 

The whole campaign series achieved an above average open rate of 40.10% and an average click through rate of 14.15%. Our analysis shows that direct targeting of head teachers was the correct strategy, as they returned to the emails multiple times to re-read the information and access the digital publications. 

The team at St James’s House say they continuously receive replies and enquiries from schools and colleges as a result of the email campaigns. They’re delighted that we always exceed their expectations and will continue to trust us for future campaigns. 

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