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Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

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Our email sending platform, Staff-Room, and schools data help businesses to establish strong relationships with schools.

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust have been using our email sending platform and schools data since 2018.

This combination has helped them to start conversations with many schools and achieve repeat bookings with them for many years.

The goal

The goal

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) offer school trips for primary school children in the areas surrounding their seven UK visitor centres. Their trips inspire teachers and pupils to value the amazing things healthy wetlands can do for us.  

WWT were keen to manage their own education marketing which is why they reached out to Buzz Education. They needed access to a large, accurate and GDPR compliant schools database, plus a user-friendly email sending platform (ESP) that would get their marketing seen by the right school decision makers.

The schools data

The schools data

We helped WWT identify suitable schools and decision makers for their bespoke schools database.

To enhance their marketing, we include the names of senior leaders, school trip coordinators, KS1 teachers and heads of geography and science. They use the names to personalise their emails as we know that 84% of emails marked ‘FAO decision maker’s name’ are forwarded on to the named person.

They also send targeted email campaigns using the free supplementary data that’s included in all of our schools data packages. For example, to schools that have a higher percentage of pupils on free school meals.

With the 12-month data package, the data is checked and updated in real time by our data team. This means it can be refreshed for every campaign WWT sends, so they are always confident in the accuracy of the data they’re using.


The email sending platform

The email sending platform

WWT can easily upload their schools data to Staff-Room to create the mailing lists for their email marketing campaigns. They use Staff-Room to send 6 email campaigns to primary schools a year.

The team uses our UK term dates guide to plan their marketing schedule. They find that teachers engage more with their emails in the weeks leading up to school holidays, as this is when they’re starting to plan for the next term.

Staff-Room allows WWT to seamlessly import email HTMLs from other ESPs. The data import facility means they can choose exactly who they want to target for each email to, and the user-friendly system means they have full control of all campaigns

"Before working with Buzz Education we were struggling to get to large numbers of schools and other platforms were difficult to use.
Staff-Room was the perfect solution and it’s fully GDPR compliant."

Mark Stead

Mark Stead

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

The results

The results

Our schools data and Staff-Room, have helped WWT to enhance their marketing and expand their reach. They now regularly connect with more schools and teachers than their previous, more traditional marketing methods allowed them to. 

WWT has said that email marketing campaigns sent from Staff-Room lead to an increase in their website traffic for up to 2 weeks.

Staff-Room has given them the tools and resources to identify key insights into their audience. They now know when the best time to send their emails is and what subject lines achieve the greatest engagement rates. 

This has helped them to enhance their marketing campaigns, establish strong relationships with schools and generate repeat trip bookings.

"I definitely would recommend Staff-Room and Buzz Education.
Working with the team is brilliant; I appreciate the personal service and being able to speak with their helpful team, not a computer."

Mark Stead

Mark Stead

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

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