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Women’s Aid

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The Buzz Education creative team know how to match the tone, content and design to every campaign we send to schools.

Women’s Aid needed to share a very important message with UK secondary schools. It was crucial that it was seen by key school decision makers who could spread the message and influence teachers to include it in their plans.

We’re proud to have developed a successful email marketing campaign that was seen by 10,000 schools.

The goal

The goal

Women’s Aid is a national charity that campaigns to end domestic abuse against women and children. 

Their #LoveRespect leaflets and posters help children aged 12 to 18 to learn about healthy relationships and spot the signs of coercive control. 

They wanted all UK secondary schools and sixth forms to have access to these valuable resources to support their RSE curriculum.

Women’s Aid had previously managed their own marketing campaigns to schools and were keen to improve on their engagement rates.

The targets

The targets

Our client campaign strategist, Sophie, worked closely with Women’s Aid to identify the most appropriate schools and decision makers to target. 

Sophie recommended PSHE leaders, heads of year and senior leaders in all UK secondary schools and sixth forms. Senior leaders were the ideal audience as they’re the key decision makers in schools. We also know they engage with email marketing messages more than other staff members, with an average open rate of almost 50%.

We know that personalising emails can double engagement rates, so Sophie also advised Women’s Aid to use the teachers’ names in the email content.

The campaign creation

The campaign creation

Women’s Aid took advantage of a great offer on our Buzz Leads campaign package. This meant their email campaign was both expertly written and meticulously designed by the Buzz Education creative team.

It was important that the email content and design worked seamlessly together to deliver this sensitive topic. 

Our copywriters developed emotive and engaging email copy so teachers would connect with the message and take action. 

The design team then created a simple email design to not distract the reader from the main message. To catch their attention when they first opened the email, our designers used the prominent, modern #LoveRespect header.

"I was really impressed with how the email had been written
and how it tied to the RSE curriculum. "

Alicia Brooks

Alicia Brooks

Women's Aid

The results

The results

We sent the email campaign to 10,000 UK schools. The campaign achieved a 100% delivery rate as our data managers constantly refresh our schools data to make sure it’s always accurate.

The Women’s Aid campaign achieved an amazing open rate of 36.13% and a click through rate of 16.48%. This means that almost 4,000 schools benefited from their free resources.

As marketing to school experts, our team crafted an incredible email campaign that increased Women’s Aid’s engagement rates by a whopping 10%. 

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