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When is the best time to email teachers?

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‘When is the best time to email teachers?’

This is the most common question our clients ask. And we understand why!

It takes time, effort and sometimes expense to develop a brilliant marketing campaign, so it’s sensible to find out when you’re most likely to generate great engagement rates.

The fact is, this is a seemingly simple question with a pretty complex answer.

You need to look at analytics from as large a sample as possible to spot trends in engagement rates. Those trends should, in turn, help you to understand when your campaign stands the best chance of achieving the results you want.

That’s why we regularly analyse all the email marketing campaigns we send to schools, and use our findings to create our Email marketing top trends. This data, collated across thousands of email sends, helps us to understand the top performing days, times, subject lines and more.

Our in-house marketing to education experts then interpret all that information to help you make decisions about your campaign, which includes deciding on the best time to email teachers and decision makers.

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Trends can change over time so we regularly revisit the stats to make sure we are sharing the most up to date information. Our latest analysis revealed some interesting information about the best time to email teachers…

Thursday has a narrow lead

For a couple of years now, we’ve known that Thursday is the best day to email schools. In our latest analysis, we’ve seen that overall Thursdays do still see the highest engagement rates… but the other days are quickly catching up.

We’re starting to see engagement rates levelling out much more across the whole week, which is great news!

This means that you can choose traditionally ‘quieter’ send slots and still get great results.

Mornings are good

84% of the most opened emails were sent in the morning. We consistently find that morning emails, particularly those sent between 8am and 9am, achieve the highest engagement rates.

Increasing clicks in the afternoon

The email with the highest click rate was sent on a Thursday at 2:45pm.

We quite often see that click rates increase in the afternoons. It’s likely that teachers are more open to engaging with emails that they open later in the day, but it’s best to experiment as it also depends on the type of content that you’re sending.

Longer subject lines are on the up

Previously, short subject lines of three to five words were always most effective, however we’re starting to see a shift towards longer subject lines. Subject lines with 12-14 words saw the highest engagement.

Targeted campaigns work best

The average email campaign send size was 6,803. This may seem high but as there are over 400,000 teachers and decision makers in the UK, it’s actually not! Targeted email campaigns to smaller numbers are better than huge email blasts.

The subtler the better

Almost 60% of the emails sent were ‘sales’ emails. These are always the most popular type of campaign; however, awareness and promotional campaigns do achieve higher engagement rates. They can work well as part of long-term brand building exercises. It’s always worth considering the content of your email as sometimes a subtler approach can work better than a blatant sales pitch.

August is getting busier

We’re starting to send more and more campaigns in what is usually seen as a no-go month for marketing to teachers! Possibly because we know that 88% of teachers check their emails during the school holidays, and that Results Days are a great opportunity to catch the teachers’ attention.

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September is great

We sent more campaigns in September than any other month.

It’s the start of the new academic year when schools and teachers are busy planning and preparing. It’s also the start of the financial year for Academy Schools so a great time to market to them.

We increase engagement rates

Our fantastic copywriting team are writing more and more campaigns for our clients. What’s better is that campaigns written by us currently achieve a 51% higher click through rate than campaigns written by clients.

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So, what can we make of all of this?

If you want to use pure statistics to understand when is best to market to schools, Thursday morning is a good starting point.

To create a well-rounded campaign though, it’s important to consider some other factors – your subject line, your content, the type of email, your target teachers and more. Ultimately you need to find out what works best for you.

Our friendly Customer Campaign Strategists will happily work with you to build an education marketing strategy, test content ideas, and identify the best time to send your campaign.

Just get in touch now for more about how we can support your marketing to schools:

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