The University of Law

Promoting a range of degrees to young people and providing guidance and events to support school pupils’ future study decisions.
service: Email Marketing
industry: Further Education & Careers

We’ve been helping The University of Law promote their degrees as a career option for young people since 2017.

Our long-term managed email marketing service has helped them connect directly with key decision makers and influencers all over the UK to promote their courses, provide useful resources, and invite students to attend their open days and careers events.


The University of Law is the UK’s largest provider of legal education, as well as offering other subjects including business, criminology, psychology and policing.

The team wanted to increase awareness of their courses across UK secondary schools and sixth forms, particularly with the key education staff who support students with their future career and study choices. Their regular Schools & Colleges Newsletter has been a great way to help education decision makers support their students, and provide guidance and advice to further encourage them to consider a career in law and other related sectors.

The University of Law first approached Buzz Education in 2017 for support connecting with UK schools. Our client success team discussed their objectives, recommended suitable marketing options and developed a tailored marketing strategy for them. Our managed email marketing service was a great option as it helped them to target key decision makers’ direct inboxes. They were also keen to make use of our education marketing expertise to support the development, creation and design of their marketing campaign content.

The team at The University of Law were impressed with our many positive reviews and the results we’d achieved for previous clients.

We’ve supported The University of Law with their marketing since 2017. The level of service, and the results they achieve, mean they return to us year on year to continue their marketing activity.


“We’re extremely impressed with the whole customer service – the team are friendly, responsive, helpful and professional. They’re always there for advice and the booking process is seamless.”

Julie Tanner Marketing Manager, The University of Law


A targeted email marketing campaign


secondary schools, sixth forms and further education colleges in a bespoke mailing list.


email campaigns, written and designed by our creative specialists.


senior leaders, heads of sixth form and heads of careers.

For their latest campaign, our dedicated client success team collaborated with The University of Law to identify their key marketing objectives. They developed a bespoke email marketing package that would help increase brand awareness and develop relationships with decision makers throughout the 2022-23 academic year.

The long-term Buzz Expert package meant the university could generate interest in their courses, boost open days visitors, and provide careers guidance to students during key times in the academic year.


Our experienced team of education marketing specialists helped The University of Law team to discover deeper insights into the world of marketing to education.

They regularly accessed our free resources to further their understanding of the education sector and learn about email marketing best practice, and used it to inform their marketing strategy.

 “Buzz Education has everything we’re looking for in a marketing to education agency. We enjoy working with the whole team and highly recommend their managed email campaign service.”

Julie Tanner Marketing Manager, The University of Law


UK Term Dates

Coordinate your marketing to education campaigns with the help of our free UK Term Dates Guide.


Our creative team used their knowledge and insights about email marketing to education to create engaging and compelling email campaigns which aligned exactly with The University of Law’s content guidelines and brand image.

It was essential that the email content influenced decision makers to share the information with their students so it needed to be clear, inspiring and informative. Our education content strategist worked closely with their marketing manager throughout the entire campaign to create relevant, timely content for every email. She reviewed the in-depth campaign analytics, including open rates, clicks rates and most popular links, for every email to understand how well each one had performed. This helped to inform the strategy for the next emails.

The team also regularly used an A/B subject line testing strategy. This identified which subject lines the target audience were most likely to engage with, and helped them to make decisions about future email subject lines.



The campaigns created by our expert content strategists helped to increase click-through rates from 8.78% to over 49%!

The university saw a significant increase in enquiries and open day bookings following every email send. The ongoing marketing campaigns helped them to build relationships with a number of schools and sixth forms they’d previously struggled to reach. This has been pivotal in increasing awareness of their courses and support.

“It’s so rewarding to help The University of Law raise awareness of their courses and increase their open day bookings.

By regularly sending campaigns throughout the academic year, they’ve created lasting relationships with key decision makers and supported many students with important decisions about their future study and career options.”

Kate Kalkerts Campaign Strategist

“The campaigns have increased the click-throughs to our advisor webpages, and have increased Open Day registrations. We’ve generated links with schools and colleges that our Schools Team have found crucial.”

Julie Tanner Marketing Manager, The University of Law