Paving the way in marketing to education for over a decade

From one talented teacher to a vibrant team of education and marketing experts, Buzz Education continues to lead the way in marketing to education. 

We’ve been helping clients connect with schools and education establishments for over 13 years.

“Seeing the business evolve and expand over the past decade has been incredibly rewarding. Through our marketing to education campaigns, we’re proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of teachers and students gain access to the best educational products and services available. Learning resources, educational materials, cutting-edge technology – we take great pride in helping schools enhance their learning experience.”

Michael McVerry Managing Director

Our story started when Michael, our talented and ambitious Managing Director decided to embark on a new life chapter. 

With 7 years of teaching experience under his belt, and a deep-rooted passion for making a difference to young people’s lives, he decided to explore a new route for supporting students and teachers. He wanted to help schools gain access to the very best educational products and services. And what better way to make his vision a reality than to work directly with the charities, businesses and organisations behind them!

And so, Buzz Education was born (or School Mailings as it was called back then). Once a one-man band, now a thriving marketing to education agency in the heart of Chorley.

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