Marketing to academy schools: Key facts to help you win new business

Topics: Education Insights
Jen Murphy
Jen Murphy Copywriter & Sustainability Lead 30 April 2024
  • Members – They monitor how the trust is performing and appoint a single board of trustees.
  • Trustees – They’re responsible for the management of schools within the trust.

Top Tip

  • Easy access to high-quality learning materials: Schools within a trust can share learning resources and materials with other schools to improve the quality of education they provide.
  • Flexible teams: Schools within a multi-academy trust can share education staff too.
  • Freedom over spending: They’re not restricted by the local authority in terms of how they spend their budgets and which suppliers they choose to work with – so they have a lot more autonomy over their finances!

Good to know

  • The national curriculum – they can choose whether to adapt it.
  • School hours and term dates – they can set their own schedules.
  • Expenditure – they can choose how to spend their budgets on educational products and services.