Visiting Ladybridge High School’s Exhibition: Bolton Rewind, Regenerate

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Jen Murphy
Jen Murphy Copywriter & Sustainability Lead 29 May 2023

Last week, on behalf of Buzz and our marketing team, Izzy and I headed down to explore Ladybridge High School’s ‘Bolton Rewind, Regenerate’ project exhibition in Crompton Place Shopping Centre.

The pop-up exhibition marked the culmination of Year 8’s hard work on the project over the past few months and offered a brilliant opportunity for the learners to share and discuss their findings with the local community.

In case you missed my last blog post, Bolton Rewind, Regenerate is a cross-curricular project run by Ladybridge High School for Year 8 that explores Bolton’s past, present and future.

As you might know already, supporting local schools is something we’re really passionate about at Buzz, so we were absolutely delighted to get involved and deliver a hands-on, activity-based marketing session to help the learners promote and raise awareness of their final showcase event.

I was incredibly impressed with the session led by the team at Buzz Education.  The session provided a deep insight into the world of marketing and provided an interactive and enjoyable way to learn about the sector. Thank you so much for working with us!

Paddy Russell Head Teacher, Ladybridge High School

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my previous blog here detailing how we supported the learners with our interactive marketing session.

Following the session:

  • Dan, our Digital Designer, developed a finalised logo for the project based on the learners’ design sketches. And it was great to see the learners’ designs come to life on the exhibition banners.

  • Izzy, our Marketing Executive set up a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account for Bolton Rewind, Regenerate, as well as an email account. She then uploaded the logo designs to use as profile pictures to help the team create a strong brand identity and effectively raise awareness of the exhibition.

  • And I created a press release to help the learners publicise their exhibition and attract more people to the event.

It was amazing to see the learners take a genuine interest in learning about the history and geography of Bolton. Their enthusiasm and passion for the project was truly inspiring – and contagious!

From a beautifully crafted 1960’s dress representing former fashion trends in Bolton, to an interactive quiz on the town’s history, the learners exhibited a diverse range of artwork and creative displays. Here’s a more detailed list of some of the learners’ creations:

  • Clay and cardboard models of locations and landmarks in Bolton.
  • Colourful paintings and drawings.
  • Engaging videos exploring different areas in Bolton.
  • Factual displays of the town’s history such as Bolton Wanderers Football Club.
  • Posters detailing the development of Bolton’s transport systems.
  • And much more!

We discovered lots of fascinating facts about Bolton and it was great to see the learners confidently and passionately discuss their findings with us.

As a fellow Boltonian, I’ve found myself wanting to know even more about the town and its rich history since the project started!

Working with Zoe, the class teacher, and the learners on Bolton Rewind, Regenerate has been an amazing experience, and we can’t wait to continue supporting them with any future projects.

A massive thank you to the Buzz Education team for giving up their time to work with our learners. They gained invaluable insight into the world of marketing and would not have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for the generosity of Buzz. Our learners have gained skills for life and it has inspired some of them to seek this as a career option in the future.

Mrs Z Bates History Teacher, Ladybridge High School

If you know of any nearby community events or school events in the Chorley or Bolton area that you think we could help with, get in touch!

Doing our bit for local schools and our local community is a really big part of our Buzz Does strategy – our long-term commitment to supporting people and the planet. And we can’t wait to work on similar projects like this in the future!