Collaborating with the UK’s largest sport retailer to expand their brand within the education sector.
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Our managed email marketing service has helped Decathlon reach over 30,000 education decision makers and enhance pupils’ learning experience with their school sports equipment and supplies. We’re proud to help Decathlon make sport more accessible for all children.


Decathlon first approached us in 2017 looking for a marketing to education partner to help them expand their sports brand further in the education sector.

As an international sports retailer, they offer a vast selection of sporting goods and equipment to support schools and their pupils across the country. They help schools to enhance their existing sports provision which offers new and exciting opportunities for more children to take part in sports.

Our managed direct email marketing services was the ideal solution for them to help build their brand in the primary and secondary schools. Our client success team collaborated with the team at Decathlon to perfectly match their goals to the marketing packages that would suit them best.

Since first teaming up in 2017, Decathlon have run regular campaigns with us, using their ongoing strategy to establish themselves as a leading sports supplier for education.


“From the outset, Sophie understood our goals really well and was always really responsive. Everything was clear, and the team was always really positive and friendly – definitely an overall success.”

David Baker B2B Schools Leader, Decathlon


A targeted email marketing campaign


teachers and decision makers.

Heads of P.E. and
P.E. teachers.

Primary and secondary schools across the UK.

For their most recent campaign, our client success team recommended our Buzz Engage package. This included a managed email campaign, plus a follow-up resend, to the direct inboxes of their target teachers and decision makers. They were keen to promote their Decathlon B2B accounts for schools and their range of school sports products.

Our dedicated team worked closely with Decathlon to identify relevant targets and developed a custom mailing list made up of heads of PE and PE teachers in both primary and secondary schools. This audience matched their specific goals and was tailored to their individual budget.



Our client success team advised on the best strategy to achieve optimum engagement rates and inform their future marketing to schools campaigns too.

This process involved discussing goals and ideal outcomes, determining relevant key decision makers and optimising send times and days in alignment with their promotions. After a solid strategy had been developed, our technical team built the HTML email on our email sending platform and ran through our in-depth compliance checks to guarantee campaign send success. The addition of a follow-up resend email was a great way to nurture leads and continue building brand awareness amongst teachers and decision makers.

We also provided insightful and in-depth analytics reports that analysed the reach of the campaigns and the performance of the emails, and also helped Decathlon to plan a long-term strategy for their education marketing.




teachers and decision makers targeted.


new B2B Decathlon account sign ups.


average click to open rate.

Throughout their campaigns, we’ve helped promote their Decathlon B2B accounts made especially for the education sector, as well as their substantial discounts on health and fitness equipment, ultimately working to help make sport more accessible for pupils and staff. They have achieved excellent engagement with their campaigns and have reported that their school revenue on the month of their campaign sends as being one of their best months ever.

After working together on regular marketing campaigns, Decathlon have gained valuable insights about marketing to the education sector, learnt more about their audience and generated an excellent response from teachers and decision makers.

“We have had a lot of long-term value from our campaigns with Buzz Education in terms of what we get back and the increase in new accounts from the education sector.”

David Baker B2B Schools Leader, Decathlon