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Buzz Education has supported Nviron’s marketing to education strategy for over 3 years. Our managed email marketing service has helped them to promote cutting-edge IT solutions to over 9,000 schools in England.


Nviron partners with top IT brands such as Microsoft and Dell Technologies.

They’re passionate about integrating these innovative IT solutions and technology products into UK schools. Nviron first approached Buzz Education in early 2020 with the aim of gaining brand exposure in the education sector.

The amazing results their first campaign generated, plus our extensive database and supportive customer service means that Nviron have continued to partner with us since then. We’ve just completed their 8th consecutive long-term marketing package.

For their latest marketing campaign, Nviron had 3 main objectives:

Cement their position as the leading IT provider for the education sector.

Promote their 1:1 Windows device scheme to schools.

Let teachers know where to find them at the upcoming Bett Show.


“Buzz Education are true experts when it comes to helping businesses develop relationships with the education sector. They have a strong database of UK contacts and the expertise to deliver an effective marketing to education strategy.”  

Mike Hayes Marketing Manager, Nviron


A targeted email marketing campaign


email campaigns, written and designed by our creative specialists.


decision makers in secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges, and multi-academy trusts.


targeted job roles including heads of IT, IT managers, business managers and head teachers.

Our dedicated client success team worked closely with Nviron’s Marketing Manager to develop a custom email marketing package that perfectly matched their needs and budget.

A bespoke, long-term Buzz Expert package helped Nviron to promote their solutions and form relationships with schools throughout the academic year. Our flexible packages meant they could send their 8 email campaigns at times that aligned with their own marketing agenda, specifically around exhibitions and events.


During their consultation calls, our Education Content Strategist, Kate, offered expert advice, marketing knowledge and education insights to guide and enhance Nviron’s existing content plan.

To help their campaigns reach schools at the optimum time for engagement rates, Kate advised on the best months, days and times to send their email campaigns.

She also gave them access to our UK Term Dates Guide which Nviron found incredibly useful for their long-term marketing strategy and overall understanding of the school calendar.


UK Term Dates

Coordinate your marketing to education campaigns with the help of our free UK Term Dates Guide.


Their education content strategist dedicated time to reviewing the campaign ideas discussed in the consultation calls before crafting compelling and concise email campaigns that reflected Nviron’s marketing aims and brand tone of voice.

“It was great to work with an experienced copywriter. Kate was absolutely fantastic in providing support and information to maximise the effectiveness of our email campaigns. She helped us to refine the wording in a way that resonated with teachers and decision makers.”

Mike Hayes Marketing Manager, Nviron


The team at Nviron were highly impressed with the quality of the email campaign content and designs, and our extensive education database. Through our email marketing service, we helped the team to connect with their target schools and increase awareness of their 1:1 Windows device scheme. The long-term campaign strategy achieved a significant number of leads for Nviron to follow up with.

Plus, the comprehensive Top Prospects databases we provided after every email campaign allowed Nviron to follow up personally with all teachers and decision makers that engaged with their campaigns, helping them to nurture their relationships and continue to generate interest for a long time after the Buzz Expert campaign was complete.


“The emails looked great, performed well and we had a lot of engagement with them resulting in a significant number of leads to follow up. Working with Buzz Education worked out cheaper than our previous supplier and helped me to save significant amounts of time on our campaign content – all in all a great package!

Mike Hayes Marketing Manager, Nviron