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Providing primary schools with high-quality teaching resources and workbooks to enhance their pupils’ learning experience.
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Our managed email marketing service has helped Prim-Ed Publishing to expand their reach and sell their educational workbooks to primary schools all over the UK.


Prim-Ed Publishing are an established education resource provider who produce industry-leading teaching and learning resources, high-quality workbooks, and boxed resources.

They wanted to expand their reach and raise their brand awareness in primary schools by promoting valuable learning resources, including a series of bestselling English and maths workbooks.

Prim-Ed Publishing first met our campaign strategists at the Schools & Academies Show in 2022. We discussed their company goals, and introduced the services we could offer to support their marketing activity. Our campaign strategists developed an immediate, friendly, and trusting relationship with the Prim-Ed Publishing team and provided key information to support their decision making.

Niamh White Marketing Coordinator, Prim-Ed Publishing


A targeted email marketing campaign


email campaigns, written and designed by our creative specialists.


teachers and decision makers targeted in all UK primary schools.


targeted job roles including head teachers, deputy heads, key stage 1 and 2 coordinators.

We worked closely together during strategy calls and consultations to find the solution that best suited their marketing goals and developed a tailored campaign strategy to help them sell their subject specific workbooks to schools.

Our campaign strategists recommended our long-term, brand building Buzz Growth package. This gave Prim-Ed Publishing the opportunity to use our creative expertise and education knowledge, whilst sending ongoing campaigns at times that aligned with their marketing and product schedule throughout the academic year.

With the help of our flexible education database, Prim-Ed Publishing developed their own custom-built mailing list for their email campaigns. Our team helped to identify the most relevant teachers and decision makers to include. We recommended senior leaders as they’re key decision makers in schools, and key stage coordinators who are key influencers in deciding which resources are used in their classrooms.



Our dedicated content strategist worked closely with Prim-Ed Publishing’s Marketing Coordinator to discuss their goals and which resources they’d like to focus their emails on.

This helped develop a series of campaigns that reflected their key objective by drawing attention to their high-quality workbooks.

Prim-Ed Publishing also used our education marketing insights and top tips to support their ongoing campaign strategy.


“The team was super-friendly and made the whole process straightforward. Sophie and Kate’s expert insights really helped us promote our workbooks to the education sector, in addition to making recommendations on what days and times would be best to send.”

Niamh White Marketing Coordinator, Prim-Ed Publishing

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Our managed email marketing campaigns have helped Prim-Ed Publishing to build their brand awareness and expand the reach of their primary school workbooks.

The email campaigns had an immediate impact and helped achieve a significant increase in resource downloads within the first 24 hours alone. Our content strategists worked closely with the team to review their in-depth campaign analytics and used the insights to plan and optimise their next campaigns.


“Working with Prim-Ed Publishing has been a joy from start to finish. It was a pleasure to expand the reach of their valuable teaching resources and workbooks to more schools.

Our Buzz Growth package helped them to connect directly with key decision makers and gave them the flexibility to send their emails at times that suited them.”

Sophie Williams Client Success Team Leader

“Buzz Education have been an absolute pleasure to deal with – always extremely helpful, engaging, and quick to respond to queries. Highly recommend!”

Niamh White Marketing Coordinator, Prim-Ed Publishing