WWT use our education data and email sending platform, Staff-Room, to build relationships with schools across the UK.
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We’re proud to have helped WWT start conversations with schools across the country and achieve repeat bookings to their inspirational wetland sites for over 5 years.


 WWT offer school trips for primary school children in the areas surrounding their 10 UK visitor centres.

Their trips help teachers meet their curriculum requirements whilst inspiring a love of wetlands and their wildlife. WWT were looking for a large, accurate and GDPR compliant schools database, plus a user-friendly email sending platform that would help them to manage their own marketing to education. Our email sending platform, Staff-Room, and education data were the perfect fit!

We’ve supported WWT for the last 5 years on their education marketing journey, with Staff-Room and our bespoke education data helping them to regularly promote the opportunities they offer to schools.


“Before working with Buzz Education we were struggling to get to large numbers of schools and other platforms were difficult to use. Staff-Room was the perfect solution and it’s fully GDPR compliant.”

Mark Stead, Head of Learning, WWT


A custom-built education database and user-friendly email sending platform.


primary and secondary schools.


month package.


GDPR compliant.

Our expert team worked closely with WWT to identify the right schools and decision makers to create a bespoke schools database for them to use on Staff-Room. We identified a key group of decision makers that would be relevant to the opportunities they offer. These included head teachers, senior leaders, heads of science and geography, EYFS coordinators, school trips coordinators and KS1 and KS2 teachers.

WWT can upload their custom-built mailing list to their Staff-Room account and use it in all of their education marketing campaigns to help generate engagement from their chosen decision makers.



Staff-Room allows WWT to seamlessly import email HTMLs that they’ve used on their other email sending platforms.

The user-friendly system gives them full control of their campaigns and creates a smooth and effective approach for their marketing to education. Their 12-month education data package gives them access to live, real-time data that is constantly checked and updated by our dedicated data team. This means they can access accurate data all year round, upload refreshed mailing lists to Staff-Room, and be sure they’re always connecting with the most up to date contacts.

As a result, WWT use Staff-Room to run timely and targeted campaigns to their specific target audience in primary schools across the UK, throughout the year. Our education insights have helped them understand what’s happening in education and get all the latest insights and expert tips to enhance their understanding of the education sector and the way their key targets make spending decisions.


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Our education data and email sending platform have helped WWT to enhance their marketing and expand their reach in the education sector. They now regularly connect with more schools and teachers than their previous, more traditional marketing solutions allowed them to.

WWT have reported an increase in website traffic for up to 2 weeks after every email campaign they send using Staff-Room. They’ve also been able to build long-term strong relationships with schools as a result of their consistent education marketing campaigns. The in-depth analytics reports from Staff-Room have also helped them to identify key campaign insights and develop their marketing to education knowledge. They now know when the best time to send their emails is and what subject lines achieve the greatest engagement rates, which continues to enhance all of the campaigns they run through Staff-Room.

“I definitely would recommend Staff-Room and Buzz Education. Working with the team is brilliant: I appreciate the personal service and being able to speak with their helpful team, not a computer.”

Mark Stead, Head of Learning, WWT